By Casey Liss

Though it’s not my career, I take podcasting seriously. As with anything one takes seriously, one quickly develops goals to aspire to. For me, one of my goals was appearing on The Incomparable.

A pop culture podcast, but more than that, hosted by Jason Snell and Friends, The Incomparable has always felt like the “big leagues” to me.

I’ve finally made it to the big leagues.

In this episode, we discuss one of my favorite films of all time: The Hunt for Red October (Amazon, iTunes).

(You may remember that movie from this post from early this year, or perhaps this one.)

I could quote most of this movie from memory. I love it, and watch it constantly. When I was a kid, I wore out a section of our VHS copy because I watched Hunt so darn often.

This was, without hyperbole, a big moment for me. It was like, well, sailing into history.