You can find me regularly on my podcast with friends, the Accidental Tech Podcast. Episodes are recorded live most Wednesday evenings at 9 PM Eastern. Episodes are generally released on Fridays.

Additionally, the three of us have retired our first podcast, called Neutral.

You can also find me regularly on Analog(ue), my podcast with my friend Myke Hurley. Episodes are recorded live every other Tuesday. Episodes are generally released on Sundays.

Finally, you can not only hear but see me on my video series, Casey on Cars. Each episode I spend reviewing a car… and trying to teach myself new tricks in Final Cut Pro X. Even if you’re not a total car nut, I think you may enjoy them.

Spoken Word (Recorded)

I’ve been lucky enough to have guested on several podcasts over the years. My appearances, from most-recent to oldest:

Spoken Word (Live)

An even greater compliment is to ask me to speak in front of a captive audience. Those engagements:

Written Word

I’ve also been asked to contribute some of my thoughts for online and published periodicals. Again, from most-recent to oldest: