By Casey Liss
2023 Upgradies

If you are very lucky, you can point to a moment when you feel like you can say to yourself, “I’ve arrived”.

Yesterday, I arrived.

I was absolutely beaming, with my family around me, as we all listened to this week’s Upgrade, which included the tenth annual Upgradies. Thanks to Myke and Jason, I can now honestly say

Callsheet is an award winning iOS app!!

Callsheet has won the award for Best Newcomer iOS App!


This is an immense honor, and has affected me quite a lot, in the best possible way. With my prior apps, I was/am proud of them, but they are a very different caliber of app. Callsheet is more impressive, and it feels amazing to have my efforts (and those that assisted me!) publicly recognized.

Maybe I really am a professional app developer after all, huh? 😏

My tremendous thanks to Jason, Myke, and all the Upgradians who voted for me. It really, truly, means the world to me. 💙