Only on Clockwise can you discuss stereos, monitors, NFTs, and robot vacuums… all in the span of 30 minutes. Today, that’s exactly what I did with Shelly Brisbin, Dan Moren, and Mikah Sargent.

In this episode, you can hear moments such as me telling Mikah to get off my lawn, and witness the birth of a gift exchange between the four of us. Interestingly, 3/4 of us will be buying each other the same gift.

Clockwise is always fun and fast. There’s never a bad time to start listening.


Don’t take my complete forgetfulness to write this post as an indication of a lack of enthusiasm. I’m trying desperately to get a new app I’m working on across the finish line, and as such, I’ve been pretty distracted. 🤪

Nearly two weeks ago, I had the utmost pleasure of returning to visit with my Canadian pals Angelo and Brian on their podcast Double Density. Despite their completely incorrect opinion on bagels, Brian and Angelo are good guys, and I enjoyed chatting with them again.

On this episode, we discussed how wrong they are about bagels, my thoughts in ordering my new MacBook Pro, audiophiles, and FUD about COVID. I surely made somebody mad when recording this, but at least the three of us had a lot of fun in the process. 😇


This past Saturday, I joined my pals Kathy Campbell, Jean MacDonald, James Thomson, and Jason Snell to discuss the final episode of season two of Ted Lasso.

Without spoilers, this season of Ted Lasso hit me differently than the last. I really enjoyed talking with this fine panel of people about this final episode. The discussion helped me interpret the episode differently, and gave me a different perspective of the season at large. The focus of this episode of Football is Life is just the last episode — not the whole season — but we naturally had some broader conversations as well.

Ted Lasso remains one of my favorite shows of all time, and doing these wrap-up shows is immensely fun. If you’re a Ted Lasso super-fan like me, you’d surely enjoy Football is Life.


Football is, as they say, life. And though this season of Ted Lasso has been somewhat divisive, I’m overjoyed to have appeared on another episode of The Incomparable’s rewatch podcast, Football is Life.

On this episode, I join host Jason Snell, and fellow panelists Kelly Guimont and James Thomson to discuss Headspace. It’s a varied and long conversation about heel turns, parental issues, and running an enjoyable but meaningful comedy-drama.

I’ve praised Ted Lasso until I’m blue in the face. It’s a phenomenal show, and I’m extremely stoked to see where the bottom half of season two takes us.


When I was a kid, Star Trek: The Next Generation was airing new episodes, and I was really obsessed. I watched every episode, and loved every one of them. I read the Technical Manual cover-to-cover about a zillion times.

Once I stopped watching ST:TNG, I basically stopped watching Star Trek altogether. I never really gave Deep Space Nine a fair shake, and I had moved along by the time Voyager aired. I was obliquely aware of it, but had never seen an episode.

My friend Jean MacDonald asked me to join her on Voyager Revisited to re-watch the season 2 finale and season 3 opener. Having never seen Voyager before, this seemed like a tall order, but it was more than worth it to have an excuse to talk to Jean.

I enjoyed the episodes, and very much enjoyed chatting with Jean. Whether you’re a lapsed Star Trek fan like me, or a super-fan like Jean, I think you may enjoy our discussion.


As Jamie Tartt would say, I’m not just a loser. I’m the loser.

This is because I completely forgot to link to my appearance on Football is Life last week. I joined Jean MacDonald, Peter Hartlaub, Jason Snell, and James Thomson to discuss the second epiosde of season two of Ted Lasso: Lavender.

In our discussion, we recapped the episode, discussed theories for where the show is going, found repeat appearances of old characters, and generally had a good time. Ted Lasso is easily one of my favorite television shows of all time, and it’s a complete pleasure and honor to be able to discuss it with such a great panel.

Watch the show, and then have a listen.


Many podcasts are best when they’re longest — it gives the hosts a chance to really air out their thoughts and go deep on subjects. Some, like Clockwise, are best when they’re so quick they end before they begin.

On this week’s episode, I joined fellow guest Simone De Rochefort, as well as hosts Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent. We discussed subscriptions we’ve added or culled during the pandemic, how we could make TV shows out of our Twitter bits, wielded magic wands and de-IPO’d companies, as well as gushed about our favorite technology used for travel.

Every episode of Clockwise I do is super fun, but this one in particular, I felt like all four of us were firing on all cylinders. It’s a great one to try, if you haven’t yet.


I make my living in an odd way, but I have many of the same career goals as everyone else. Most especially, I aspire for my work to be recognized by the press or — most especially — my heroes.

I’ve been lucky enough to have that happen from time to time. This week was one of those times.

It is an absolute honor to share that I guested on this week’s episode of Do By Friday. Do By Friday is nominally a weekly challenge podcast, but is so much more than that. I don’t really know how to describe it, other than a tour-de-force of pop culture, current affairs, and, really, life.

On this episode, Alex and Merlin were silly enough to give me a soapbox to continue to spread the gospel of Fahrenheit, colleges in the State Commonwealth of Virginia, Irish Spring, Cheap Trick, and more.

Don’t sleep on the after show, where we really go off the rails. As you do.

I’m so lucky to have been asked to join the show for an episode, and even more so to call these two wonderful humans friends.


As hinted earlier, I made a second appearance on The Incomparable’s Ted Lasso rewatch podcast, Football is Life.

On this episode, I was joined by my pals Moisés Chuillan and Aleen Simms, as well as my new friend Keir Hansen. We discussed what it’s like to move on from a curse; and how lighting things on fire is, in actuality, sometimes the solution to your problems.

I won’t stop talking about Ted Lasso, as it is easily in my top three TV shows of all time. I can’t wait for season two to start on 23 July. If you haven’t given Ted Lasso a try, please do. If you have, a great way to prepare for the next season is to listen to Football is Life recaps. 😄


I was overjoyed to join host Kelly Guimont and fellow panelists Kathy Campbell and Steve Lutz to discuss episode 3 of Ted Lasso for Football is Life.

On the episode, we cover Trent Crimm: The Independent. I had an absolute blast talking about one of my all-time favorite TV shows.

Seriously, if you haven’t taken the time to watch Ted Lasso, you must. I don’t care if you don’t like sports. I don’t care if you think you know the whole schtick of the show. I assure you: it doesn’t matter, and you don’t.

Once you watch the show, follow along with Football is Life and The Incomparable as we re-watch and discuss season one in preparation for season two releasing on 23 July.

And keep an eye out on the podcast; I may just be showing back up later. 😶