By Casey Liss
Callsheet on visionOS

Callsheet is now available on the Vision Pro!

Watching a movie or TV show in the Vision Pro is one of my favorite use cases. Now, you can slide a Callsheet window up next to your media player, all within visionOS. A full dual-screen experience, all within the Vision Pro.

Callsheet for visionOS is fully native. The overwhelming majority of the code is shared between the iOS, iPadOS, and visionOS apps. However, Callsheet is not running in compatibility mode — it’s a full-bore visionOS app.

I’ve taken a pass over the app and made Callsheet a good platform citizen. The visionOS version of Callsheet uses the accent color far more sparingly, uses depth where possible, and embraces background materials where appropriate. I’ve already discovered a couple places where things are awry, but I hope to have a new release in the next couple weeks to fix those oversights.

A couple small caveats, however:

  • Because icons are a different shape on visionOS, I’ve promoted one of the alternate icons on iOS — one that is better-suited for a circle — to be the full-time icon on visionOS
  • Speaking of icons, it’s not currently possible for users to choose an icon for any visionOS app, so that functionality has been disabled on visionOS.

Perhaps my favorite feature of Callsheet for Vision Pro is that Callsheet for visionOS is not a separate subscription. As always, I try to do right by my users; if you’ve subscribed to Callsheet on any platform, that subscription will carry over to all other platforms.

Though I will always think of Callsheet as iPhone-first, I’m already loving having it available when I’m watching a show or movie in my Vision Pro. If you’re a Vision Pro owner, I suspect you’ll really like it too.

You can grab it from the App Store right now!