By Casey Liss
Vision Pro Panoramas

Take a look at this panoramic photo that I took in 2022:

Note, specifically, the wall. Taken at face value, it looks like whoever built that wall was drunk as hell. It certainly doesn’t look like what you’d expect: a rectangle. I remember it that way: as a rectangle. However, since my memory is trash, I looked up where the photo was taken, and sure enough, my memory was accurate:

The distortion on the first photo is to be expected from a panoramic photo. Pretty much every time I have a straight line in the foreground, it ends up distorted. My brain can [usually] make up for that when I’m looking at the photo again.

Everyone seems to have their own favorite feature on the Vision Pro. It may be watching movies, or watching spatial (3D) videos that you’ve captured, or perhaps the amazing Mac Virtual Display. Though MVD is probably my favorite, panoramas are becoming a close second.

Thankfully, I have occasionally taken panoramic photos in the past, and naturally, I’ve been going through them in the Vision Pro. When I opened up the one above, I was stunned. Naturally, I can’t properly represent what it feels like, but I can take a stab at showing you what it looks like:

There is also a larger version available.

The Vision Pro has un-distorted the image.


How incredibly cool. Consider me both surprised and delighted.