By Casey Liss
Some Additional Callsheet Press

The Callsheet train keeps on chuggin’! I’ve been lucky enough to catch wind of a couple of really delightful pieces about Callsheet.

Today, Jason Aten (of, among other things, Primary Technology), wrote a lovely piece about Callsheet for Inc. Jason and I spoke briefly via email, and the piece came out really well. I particularly liked (and yet was slightly horrified by 😆) this quote:

To be completely honest, the only thing I can think of wrong about Callsheet is that it is incredibly underpriced (it’s only $9 per year). I mean that with all sincerity, Liss should be charging three to five times what Callsheet costs, and it would still be an incredible value. Ultimately, it’s an app that is successful primarily because of how much value it adds to its users. That might be the simplest lesson of all.

This week’s Mac Power Users was all about Stephen and David’s favorite iPhone apps, and they were kind enough to say some really lovely things about Callsheet as well.

The segment starts at 7:40, and included this lovely quote from Stephen:

Casey does not charge enough for this subscription; I’ll say this publicly: he should charge more.

And from David:

Casey knows what he’s doing; I feel like this is the big winner for Casey. He’s made several apps over the years, but to me this is the one.