By Casey Liss
Callsheet Press

Callsheet has been out for a little while now, and has gotten some really lovely press coverage. Both as a marketing tactic, and as a way for me to remember, here’s what I’ve seen so far:

  • John Voorhees at MacStories
    Callsheet is the only app I’ve seen that lets users precisely dial in the amount of information it reveals about a TV show.

  • D. Griffin Jones at Cult Of Mac
    We did a video interview a month or two back, when Callsheet was still under development. You can see the video and its transcript on Cult of Mac’s site, or watch the video on YouTube.

  • Chance Miller at 9to5Mac
    Callsheet packs a trove of data into a wonderfully designed, fast, and easy-to-use app on iPhone and iPad.

  • Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels
    Callsheet is the indie app scene at its best — taking on a huge app written by people who don’t seem to care about their users — and doing a better job at it in every single way.

  • Sarah Perez at TechCrunch
    In trying out the app, Callsheet is easier to use than IMDb, we found. In part, that’s because The Movie Database’s API for developers is fairly speedy, as Liss notes, but also because the app isn’t filled with so much clutter. That makes it quicker to get to the information you wanted to see, without so much searching around and tapping.

  • John Gruber at Daring Fireball
    I’d been vaguely wishing that there were a top-notch native iPhone TMDB app. Callsheet is that app. I’ve been beta-testing it for months, and ever since, Callsheet has been one of the few apps I use almost daily. Super-useful, super-convenient.

  • Jason Snell at Six Colors
    I especially appreciated Callsheet’s integration with other services. It links out to IMDB itself for trivia, and—my favorite—it uses JustWatch to provide instant information about where a movie or TV show is available to stream. He’s even got a “hide spoilers” feature to prevent you from finding out that Idris Elba isn’t actually in the last two seasons of that show of his.

  • Florian Innocente at iGeneration
    I was really pleased to see some international coverage! I really need to start looking into localization…

  • Brent Dirks at AppAdvice
    Another great feature is the ability to customize a Quick Access link on a movie or TV show page. You can choose to quickly access IMDB trivia, the Wikipedia entry, the website, where to watch, or parental guidance information.

  • Candice Clark at Fagen Wasanni Technologies
    Overall, Callsheet is a valuable tool for those who frequently seek information about the cast and crew behind the movies and TV shows they watch. It provides a faster and less distracting experience compared to traditional apps and websites like IMDb, allowing users to focus on the content they are watching.

  • Editorial Team for the Apple App Store
    Callsheet is a showbiz encyclopedia for everything you want to know about a movie or TV show. Get cast and episode info, plus discover something new to stream. Afraid of seeing spoilers? Toggle them off to avoid unintended surprises!

  • David Pierce at The Verge
    I hate the IMDb app and the website with the huge banner telling you about the app. Callsheet is way better: a super-fast iPhone and iPad app for looking up cast and crew in whatever you’re watching, and JustWatch integration in case you wind up finding something more interesting to watch. (This was also by far the thing I heard most about this week — thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

  • Jarrod Blundy at HeyDingus
    It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard about Callsheet yet this week, but I’m here to pile on the praise. I’ve been using Casey’s app throughout the beta period, and it’s been solid from day one.

  • Jason Tate at
    Instead of suffering through the nightmare that is the IMDB app (or website), let this be the first app you open so you can get your answer and get back to the show.
    Call Sheet is a great, fast-loading, easy-to-use app that does what it says it does with no superfluous crap.

  • Mikah Sargent (and Rosemary Orchard) at iOS Today
    This is a video show, so Mikah does a very walkthrough of the iPad app. Mikah’s segment starts at around 56 minutes.

  • Jason Snell at Macbreak Weekly
    Another video show, Jason has a great discussion about Callsheet, that starts just shy of two hours into the show.

  • John Tornow at Air Mail
    Callsheet’s best feature? The ability to hide spoilers when browsing. Not interested in learning that your favorite protagonist gets killed off after two episodes? No problem.

  • Zac Hall at 9to5Mac
    Anyway, Callsheet is good. Very good, actually. Callsheet is easily the most attractive and streamlined way to realize that “ahhh, that’s Carey Mulligan who played Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby from 2013″ before going back to the movie you just paused.

  • Jason Tate at
    Earlier this year, I had a conversation with my co-host of Primary Technology about our favorite new-ish apps. As we talked, we both immediately agreed that the app we thought deserved the title was Callsheet, from independent iOS developer Casey Liss.

  • Becca Caddy at iMore
    Someone in Callsheet’s reviews said “It’s like if Apple made IMDb” and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what a perfect comparison that is. It’s no wonder Callsheet has previously won an “Editor’s Choice” award on the Apple App Store.

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