Accessibility, on the surface, seems like it’s affordances for people that don’t have " normal " bodies. That’s a very immature and ignorant view, and one that’s patently wrong. It’s also the opinion I’m ashamed to admit I held as a younger man. As with many things, it took a clarifying, first-hand, experience to help me realize how wrong I was. It only takes one experience trying to read things on your phone with your eyes dilated to realize accessibility is for everyone. If not today, then tomorrow.

With that in mind, I was really excited when my pal Shelly Brisbin asked me to join her and Robin Christopherson on her accessibility-focused podcast, Parallel. On the epidose, we discussed this month’s Apple announcements, with a bent toward accessibility. Speaking with someone who is low-vision, and someone who is blind, is absolutely fascinating. In this one-hour conversation, I learned a ton about how those with true vision challenges navigate not only their world, but their devices, too.