By Casey Liss

Today Myke released episode 100 of Analog(ue).

It’s been a long road. We first started discussing this project as a side thing before Relay FM. We scrapped it, at the time, only to revisit it as one of the launch shows for Relay FM. Over two years later, our plucky feelings show has made it to episode 100.

For this episode, we wanted to do something special. We kicked around a few different ideas, but Myke ended up on a great one: a Newlywed Game style competition, to see which one of us knows the other better. We asked our mutual friend Jason Snell to moderate.

This episode was a ton of fun to record, and we are indebted to Jason for being such a great moderator/adjudicator. Whether or not you care for the show in general, you may really enjoy this one. I sure did.