By Casey Liss
Announcing Analog(ue)

Today I’m pleased to announce that my friend Myke Hurley and I are launching a new podcast. That podcast is called Analog(ue). The first episode will be available this coming Monday, 18 August.

Analog(ue) will be about the touchy-feely parts of our digital world. Or you could say, the space that exists between zero and one. We will be discussing how the digital devices in our lives improve them, but can also make our lives worse.

Analog(ue) is a part of the podcast network that Myke and Stephen just launched, called Relay FM.

I’m not leaving ATP; this is an addition and not a replacement. I couldn’t leave my first love; nor do I want to.

Analog(ue) has been in the works since January of 2014. In fact, way back then, we took a stab at it and recorded an episode, only to throw it away. The time wasn’t right, for many reasons.

You could say that we’ve already released the first episode, though it wasn’t officially an episode of Analog(ue). The episode in question is actually CMD+Space #96. Being an episode of CMD+Space, it’s slightly different than what Analog(ue) will be, but we plan to take a very similar approach.

Fast forward to now, and many things have changed. Myke and I have found ourselves in a wonderful position wherein we’re both available to dedicate time to a new show. While I can’t speak for Myke, ATP is — at the moment — a fairly well-oiled machine. Further, I’m a far more experienced and confident podcaster.

Myke and I are great friends, and we both felt like some of our best work came out of talking about our feelings. It’s not always the easiest work, but it’s often the most worthwhile.

The show may last forever. It may be a miniseries; that’s something I have some familiarity with. Either way, we’re eager to share it with you guys.

“Analog(ue)?”, you ask.

Feelings aren’t digital. They’re not ones and zeroes. They’re about the grey; about the in between. They’re analog.

Myke and I are from very different countries. One of the unique differences between these cultures is that I don’t understand Britain’s obsession with sprinkling the letter ‘U’ into words that do not need it. However, as a compromise between us, we figured we could acknowledge both cultures. Thus, Analog(ue).

“Analog” if you’re from 🇺🇸.
“Analogue” if you’re from 🇬🇧.

We’re not sure where this little project will take us, but we hope you’ll join us on the ride.

The first episode will be posted this coming Monday, the 18th of August.