By Casey Liss
Quick WWDC Travel Tips

A few quick notes about travel for WWDC:

  • I just updated my chart of T-Mobile and Verizon data plans for those like myself that like to rock iPads with LTE. (See also my post about the Apple SIM)
  • For foreign travelers with unlocked phones, you may be interested in T-Mobile’s new Tourist Plan. It offers:
    • Unlimited data (the first 2GB at LTE speeds; after that I believe it’s 2G)
    • Tethering is enabled and comes out of the same data allotment
    • Unlimited domestic and international text messages to many countries
    • 1000 minutes of domestic talk time
  • For domestic travelers, if your airline uses Gogo, I strongly recommend buying a day pass for $16 before you go to the airport. Though $16 is fairly steep for a few hours of WiFi, it’s considerably more if you buy on the plane. Plus, you have a year to actually use it.
  • Weather in San Francisco at this time of year is really peculiar. It tends to be just a touch too warm during the day and a touch too cool at night. Where do you think the [Bring Your] Layers conference got its name?
  • Even if you’re like me and rock an Anker PowerPort in your go pack, I find it’s really nice to keep an iPad USB Brick accessible while traveling. It comes in handy at charging stations in the airport, as well as while you’re on the plane, if your carrier has AC power at every seat.
  • Traveling from San Francisco International Airport to the Moscone area via BART is pretty straightforward:
    • When you land in SFO, take the AirTrain to the International Terminal
    • Go up to the departures level and follow the signs to the BART station
    • Order a ticket with the appropriate fare on it; it’s around $20 to go round trip.
    • Board a Pittsburg/Bay Point train
    • Around 30 minutes later, get off at Powell Street

I’ll be at Layers this week; I hope to see you there, or around San Francisco! If you do happen to spot me, please say “hi”!