By Casey Liss

When Top Gear ended abruptly last month, they had filmed — at least in part — segments for three more episodes. Supposedly film from those episode will air as soon as this summer:

When asked about the three programmes that had not made it to air, [Kim Shillinglaw, controller of BBC Two] added the team “simply weren’t about to shoot enough material” to build full shows.

“I was a great fan of the presenting line-up. No way would I want the available material not to be seen by viewers. You’ll see it when it’s on air. It will certainly be this year and probably this summer.”

In-studio filming typically happened on the Wednesday prior to the show’s release, so it stands to reason only prerecorded segments will be aired.

At first glance, this sounds wonderful. Thinking about it more, I can’t help but wonder if whatever is left to be shown will be more bitter than sweet, now that we know Top Gear as we know it is over.

No matter what, I’ll definitely be watching it, and surely enjoying it… even if I have to do so through teary eyes.