By Casey Liss
"Camel" Open Sourced

Today I’ve open-sourced “Camel”, the curiously named blogging engine I use to run this site.

You can find the source at GitHub. It is MIT-Licensed.

The motivations behind Camel are covered both in this site’s about page, as well in my post introducing the site. More technical details can be found on the README at GitHub.

We also discussed it at the end of episode 63 of my podcast.

While the code is a work in progress, I’m curious to hear what the “Node Nerds” think about it. I very nearly didn’t open source it, for fear that I would expose myself as a hack and a fraud. But I quickly quieted those fears by knowing that the easiest way to get better at something is to put it out there in the universe, and welcome whatever feedback you may get.

Check it out, fork it, send me a pull request, and tell me how I can get better. We’ll both be better for it.