By Casey Liss
A New Beginning
I'm speaking to you now from inside one of the venturi tunnels!


I’m speaking to you now from my new website, which I’ve uncreatively titled Liss is More.

This project was done for a few reasons.

Learn. I needed an excuse to learn Node.js, which is something I’ve heard quite a lot about lately. From what I’ve gathered, it’s a great way to stand up an easy HTTP server. In my experience, it’s been exactly that. At the time of this writing, I wrote just under 400 lines of code to create the blogging engine that served you this page.

Granted, it isn’t very advanced, but that’s damned impressive.

I decided to host at Heroku, because I had heard good things about it, I thought I could get hosting for free (since the site is so small), and I wanted to try it. I had also considered Azure, but their pricing information is so convoluted, I gave up on figuring it out.

While I don’t really have a name for the engine, I am considering open-sourcing it. There’s a lot of violations of DRY that I need to clean up first, as well as some other general tidying. Smart money says I’ll never get around to it, but we’ll see.

Control. As a friend of mine has said, controlling your own environment is important. While I’ve been a Tumblr user since January of 2008, I wanted to try something new, and perhaps more serious. Furthermore, I wanted to control things. I wanted to write the code myself, and I wanted to control how it is executed and deployed.

Personally, I don’t want to control the machine it’s running on. I don’t want to worry about patches, updates, connection issues, or anything else like that. I just want to write the code I care about, push it to some server somewhere, and watch my changes appear like magic.

What I did want is to control everything about my code and my content. Now I do.

Trends. Come on! Everybody’s doing it! Certainly, both cohosts of my podcast wrote their own blogging engines in their languages of choice. I wanted to do the same, but I wanted to write my blogging engine using a framework/technology that was, itself, trendy. Hence, I used Node, as well as some other technologies.

Inspiration. Finally, I created Liss is More in order to inspire me to write more, and do so long-form. I’m a prolific Twitter user, but I feel like there is room between writing 140 characters ephemerally and talking for an hour or two weekly. By having a site that I’m proud of, and that I made myself, I hope to quietly convince myself to write more. Time will tell if I accomplished that goal…