By Casey Liss
On Callsheet Iconography

In the last week or so, my pals Jelly and Ste have posted about their small but very important roles in the creation of Callsheet.

First, Jelly writes:

I was listening to Accidental Tech Podcast one day, and my good mate Casey Liss was chatting away about his upcoming app, Flookup. […] So I found myself opening up Sketch and getting to work. Could I make an icon before the episode was done?

Jelly’s post also outs my piss-poor rendition of the icon that he ended up making so very pretty.

Next, Ste writes:

Fast forward to the WWDC keynote in early June, where they briefly discussed the Vision Pro. At one point, they flashed a large set of app icons on the screen. […] An icon that I created appeared (if ever so briefly) in the WWDC keynote. Achievement unlocked!

Callsheet would look — and feel — very different without the efforts of these two incredible friends. 🥰