By Casey Liss

Today, the folks over at Sketch — the incredible design/prototyping platform that is the industry-standard — published an interview with myself and design guru Ben McCarthy.

Freddie asked some really great questions, which had me revisiting some of the decisions that I made — as well as ones Ben and I made together — while Callsheet was being built. This led to some fun realizations, like me distilling what makes indie software development so great:

It’s stuff like this that I think makes all indie software so fun — I doubt you’ll see an actor’s height front-and-center on IMDb, but I can make the choice to do it in Callsheet and have nobody to stop me.

Appearing on Sketch’s blog is an immense honor. It was Ben’s designs that got us there, but I like to think it was my execution that sealed the deal. I’m so pleased and proud that our work was featured there, and so thankful to Ben for helping me make Callsheet quite a bit better.

If you want help making your app that much better, Ben is available for design consulting!