By Casey Liss

While Jason was off chasing waterfalls Talons eclipses, I joined Myke on this week’s episode of Upgrade.

Talking tech news with Myke is something we typically do sparingly when we record Analog(ue), so it’s always a pleasure to swing in and have a chat exclusively about nerdy stuff. On this week’s episode, we discussed our Apple Watch band collections, what’s new in Vision Pro videos & apps, new developments in third-party and first-party app stores, as well as some iPad & robot rumors.

Myke also facilitated me trying Spatial Personas, and hoo boy did we both have some thoughts. We also made our return to the Casey Liss Vibe Check segment, which is always so fun, because I never know which direction it’s going.

Naturally, we rounded out the show with #askupgrade and in the bonus Upgrade+ we discussed my recent experience with Sonos.

Upgrade is not only on my list of can’t-miss podcasts, but it’s one of the very few shows that are on the listen-immediately list. It’s an honor to appear on it, and always so much fun.

As a bonus, you can also watch the show on YouTube, featuring our actual faces, if that’s your kind of thing. 😊