By Casey Liss
Listen To Your Users

We’re not even three weeks into the new year, but I’ve spent a fair bit of time procrastinating from working on Apple Vision Pro stuff working on updates for Callsheet. Today’s, in particular, is worth calling attention to.

In today’s update to Callsheet — version 2024.4 — I have fixed something that has driven users absolutely mad. I kicked the can down the road repeatedly, in part because I was trying to over-complicate the solution. I also did because this particular thing didn’t bother me that much

…until it did.

Erin and I were watching Oppenheimer, and I was curious who played the role of Albert Einstein. Oppenheimer has a ton of actors in it, and it took an annoying amount of scrolling to find the actor in question. I knew that my users were right: there needed to be some sort of affordance for searching within these lists.

Now, there is. Simply swipe down to expose a standard, system search field:

GIF showing Callsheet's search affordance

Hopefully this will resolve most people’s largest issue — including me. 😊 Note to self: listen to your users.

In addition to a plethora of bug fixes, I also added another minor feature: the ability to grab a Callsheet link (rather than web link) via the sharrow. If you happen to know that the person you’d like to send a link to is also a Callsheet user, you can now send them a link that iOS/iPadOS will open directly in Callsheet.

When you tap on a sharrow, you’ll now get a menu, where you can choose which to share:

Screenshot of Callsheet, taken just after tapping the sharrow, where a pop-up is shown, offering to share a web link or a Callsheet link.

Wherever possible, deep links are supported. The above would have shared this link.

In addition to the above, there’s also been a ton of bug fixes, which are detailed in the app’s release notes on the App Store, because I’m not a jerk.

Version 2024.4 is rolling out slowly now, but if you’re impatient, open up the App Store and search for Callsheet. That should offer you the option to Update and thus jump the queue.