By Casey Liss

When working on Callsheet, I tried to do my best to make it accessible for users who do not have perfect vision. Thankfully, Apple has some extremely robust APIs to do this sort of thing. Further, when using SwiftUI, you get a lot of it for free.

During WWDC, I actually had a lab with some accessibility experts, who gave me a plethora of invaluable tips on how to improve Callsheet’s VoiceOver support.

This week, I was honored to have Brian Fischler ask me to join him on That Real Blind Tech Show. On the episode, we start of by discussing Brian’s appearance on the American Top Gear, but quickly get to chatting about Callsheet, its origins, and how I approached accessibility.

I’m genuinely honored that Brian offered to have me on the show, and I’m so thankful to hear that Callsheet’s accessibility affordances seem to have hit the mark.

The episode is a different spin on the standard “press tour”; I’d love it if you gave it a listen.