By Casey Liss
A Decade of ATP

The beginnings were… odd.

“What is it that makes somebody buy a white car?”
“Oh, you’re a 🍆.”

Perhaps it’s fitting — given my predilection for… coarse language… that this was my podcasting debut. Me calling Marco a… ahem… “jerk”.

Neutral began in January, but by March, we knew that the car show had mostly run its course. However, what began as an after-show on Neutral had come into its own.

Ten years ago today, we formally launched the Accidental Tech Podcast. A show borne out of our idle chatter after our “real” podcast.

Ten. Years. Ago. Today.

A full decade.

When we launched ATP, I was working as a .NET developer at a local consulting firm. John was just a few years into a job he would, years later, end up leaving to go independent. Marco hadn’t yet announced Overcast.

I had no children. Marco’s son wasn’t even a year old. John’s youngest was barely out of preschool.

Now, I have two children; the youngest of which enters Kindergarten next year. Marco’s son is soon to be in middle school. John’s youngest is not too far from college; his eldest is already there.

A lot of time has passed. All during the Accidental Tech Podcast.

The start of ATP is somewhat nebulous — was it when Marco released us goofing off on Soundcloud? Perhaps, but for me, I always felt this was the start of ATP:

Ten years ago today.

I am indescribably lucky to be able to talk to my friends — including Myke as well — and earn money for doing so. I take the work very seriously — and sometimes it really is work. But more often than not, even if it’s work, it’s also tremendous fun.

It’s thanks to our listeners, and probably you, reading these words, that we are able to sell ads and memberships and make a living doing something we love.

Thank you, so very much, for making these last ten years possible. Here’s hoping the end is nowhere in sight… 🤞🏻