By Casey Liss

I’ve listened to Upgrade since episode one. It’s one of my favorite tech podcasts, and honestly, one of my favorite podcasts, period. Myke and Jason do a phenomenal job of regularly re-inventing the show, keeping it extremely fresh even after nine years.

This week, I filled in for Jason while he was on a well-deserved vacation. Since Myke and I regularly record Analog(ue) together, I was curious what kind of rhythm we’d fall into for the episode. I’m really pleased how it turned out, and I think Myke and I both did a pretty good job.

On the episode, we discussed Apple’s “moonshot” team, new iPhones, the Mac Pro (yes, really.), and played a new game together. Myke also asked me a bunch of listener questions, which was extremely fun.

I like to think it was a good one.

Another good one you should check out is the episode prior, when my dear friend Dave filled in for Jason. That one was unquestionably excellent.