By Casey Liss
Some [Happy] ATP Housekeeping

ATP has had some fun things going on lately, and I wanted to call attention to them.

First, and in my perspective most importantly, I’ve been podcasting with my dear friends Marco and John for a decade‼️ The first episode of Neutral debuted on Thursday, 17 January, 2013. I’m incredibly thankful that this little adventure I started on has changed from a goof, to a side hustle, to a profession.

A decade. My word.

In mid-2020, ATP launched a membership program. At the time, we offered an ad-free feed, and a small discount on our time-limited merchandise sales. A little while later, we added “bootlegs” — raw releases of our recordings moments after we hit “stop”.

The membership program has been going well, and I’m extremely thankful to anyone who has joined. 💙

Late last year, we decided to do some one-off, members-only episodes. We really wanted to do right by all our listeners, so these episodes are additive — they don’t involve any of the usual ATP subject matter, and if you skip them, it shouldn’t in any way hurt your enjoyment of the normal show.

To start off, we started “ATP Movie Club” by each of us choosing a movie for the other two hosts to watch:

When deliberating what to choose for my movie, I decided to choose something that neither John nor Marco had seen. Both John and Marco expected me to choose The Hunt for Red October, but I really wanted a movie neither of them had seen; John had seen Hunt before.

This week, we righted that wrong went back and covered The Hunt for Red October. While the whole discussion was tremendous fun, we immediately got derailed arguing about the best way to make popcorn. As it tends to be, when the three of us get into it with each other, that makes for some of the most fun listening.

None of the above should be a surprise to regular ATP listeners, but I wanted to call attention to it here on my website, too.

We’ll probably do some ATP Movie Club episodes again in the future, but as I write this, we plan to put that aside for at least a little while. We have a tentative plan for something new for our next members-only episode, but we’ll see what shakes out, and when it happens. No promises.

If you have an idea of something fun for the three of us to do, please feel free to reach out to all of us or just to me. We’d love some ideas or inspiration for things to do in the future!

And if you’re not already a member, I’d love for you to check it out.