By Casey Liss

Generally speaking, I don’t care for doing podcasts with video. Often, I don’t feel like video adds too much. Worse, for audio-only listeners, video allows me to make reference to things that only those watching can understand. More than anything else, though, my home office is usually a wreck, and embarrassing to have on camera. 🙃

A month or two back, David Lewis asked me to join him for an episode of his podcast, and do so on video. Initially, I told him “No video! No way!”. However, in a fortuitious turn of events, I had just cleaned my office for Relay FM’s Feuding Families, so I told David “let’s do it”.

Available both as a podcast, and on YouTube, David and I spoke about my history as both a developer and podcaster. We discussed what it’s like to build an app from idea to launch, how and why some apps are successful and some aren’t, and more.

As David said to me privately when we were done recording, whenever you do an interview with someone — irrespective of what side of the table you’re on — it’s always a bit of an unknown. Perhaps you’ll get along great with the other person, or perhaps it’ll be like pulling teeth. Chatting with David was, for me anyway, really fun. I think you’ll hear (or see!) that in the conversation. 😊