By Casey Liss

By happenstance, I feel like I’ve been on a new-dad tour lately. Last month, I spoke with Max shortly before he became a Dad. Today, I was the guest on, believe it or not, iPad Pros podcast. We spoke about iPads a tiny bit, but instead, mostly discussed what it’s like to be a new Dad. Tim, the host of the show, became a Dad just a short time before we recorded; this was a surprise to both of us, as the thought was to have this conversation before baby showed up. Sometimes life has other plans. 😊

I am far from a perfect Dad; I can name a thousand ways in which I need to do better. However, I like to think I am honest with what I get right, and also what I get wrong. Particularly on Analog(ue), but also in other avenues like this website, I try to truthful and not sugar-coat.

To have both Tim and Max ask me to join them on their bespoke “Dad” episodes is a tremendous honor. It’s also funny that this coming Saturday is the eight-year anniversary of me being a Dad in the first place. 😄