Black History Month

Last month was Black History Month. My friend Ish Shabazz took it upon himself to celebrate and document it by taking to Twitter and tweeting a link or short thread every single day.

It seemed wrong to me to have these tweet threads all disappear into the ether. They were all valuable, and I’m ashamed to admit, I learned a lot by reading them. Ish put together a Twitter Moment if you’d like to read them sequentially.

To keep these locked within a Twitter Moment seemed wrong, though. Further, although Ish has weaved a bit of a through-line between them, his daily threads can all stand on their own. Jumping around is both easy and fun. You can see all of them linked chronologically below, with titles added by me. However, if you’d like to jump around randomly, just smash that bell press the button below.

I encourage you to take a look at any and all of them — you’ll surely learn something. I sure did.

Furthermore, since I have your attention, I absolutely must point you to Ish’s recent talk, Programming with Purpose. It’s a 25-minute talk that ostensibly is about writing code, but really is a series of tips about living life. It has big Last Lecture energy, which is about as big a compliment as I can pay a lecture.

Ish took time out of his day — every day, for a month — to help educate people like me, and maybe you, about what it’s like to be Black, particularly in America. The least we can do to pay him back is to listen.