Judge if you must, but one of my favorite places to vacation — money be damned — is Walt Disney World. I’ve said many times it’s much like a geographical manifestation of Christmas: it’s possible to be in a bad mood while you’re there, but it takes some work. The last time I was there was for Declan’s fifth birthday, back in October 2019, or approximately 14 years ago.

Naturally, a lot has changed at Disney World since then. It shut down for a few months due to the pandemic, and has been reopening slowly since. Like many corporations, and many places, Disney is using this as an opportunity to press the proverbial reset button. New policies and techniques abound!

In this episode of Starport75, I sepnt some time with my friends Chris and Glenn discussing all the changes Disney has put in since I was last there, in the before-times. In a very Siracusian fashion, Glenn had compiled a plethora of notes, but we only were able to get through the highlights.

Nonetheless, I enjoy going on Starport75 tremendously, in no small part because I feel like I have such great chemistry with both hosts. I think you’ll enjoy the episode — especially if you’re also a Disney fan that hasn’t been to Disney World in a long time.