Apple’s new Fitness+ service is a very interesting offering.

I’m someone who has never been particularly athletic, and often fairly un-fit, I wasn’t sure what to make of Fitness+. I am probably stronger than I’ve ever been, thanks to a couple of years of far more consistent exercise, but I wouldn’t say I’m terribly fit. I like food too darn much. 😋

Regardless, it’s been interesting comparing and contrasting Fitness+ to the exercise programs I typically follow on Beachbody on Demand[1]. I joined Chaim Cohen on a bonus episode of inThirty to discuss exactly that.

As the name implies, the episodes are always about 30 minutes, though given my normal loquaciousness, I pushed Chaim to just a hair over. 😇 Regardless, if you’d like to hear what I do and don’t like about Fitness+, this is the ticket.

  1. Beachbody is a MLM, and as with all MLMs, rather gross. However, their exercise videos I find to be very good. Beachbody on Demand is their Netflix-like offering, a great way to consume Beachbody exercise videos without getting roped into the pyramid scheme.