I’m super bummed right now.

Normally, I’d be freshly back from WWDC, reinvigorated and ready to take on a new year of development.

But thanks to COVID-19 ruining… gestures wildly… I’ve missed out on seeing so many of my friends from across the world in California. I’ve missed out on seeing my family on the day before WWDC, one of my favorite annual traditions. I’m just… sad.

However, thanks to the work of Sam Henri Gold and a ton of volunteers, I have something to be excited about: the Indie Sticker Pack.

Indie Sticker Pack is a physical sticker pack of over 100 app icons from some of your favorite indie apps. I was very flattered to be asked to include Ste Grainer’s execellent work on Peek‑a‑View in the Indie Sticker Pack.

Already cool enough, Sam and team have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds to two great causes:

I’m super flattered to be a[n insanely small] part of this, and super glad that my dear friend Ste was so willing to throw together new versions of the Peek‑a‑View icon at the last second.

Go get yourself some stickers. Everyone likes stickers. Everyone likes donating to a good cause. It’s a win/win.