Phew, it’s been a busy month. 😅

Just before WWDC, I joined my pal Tyler Stalman on his show, The Stalman Podcast. On this episode, Tyler and I discussed what it’s like to become an independent developer and build an indie app.

Now that things are finally settling down, I have the time to give the episode the link post it deserves.

Recorded just a few days after Vignette’s release, I was still embroiled in the post-launch insanity. I was also preparing for my then-days-away departure for WWDC. Nevertheless, it was a really great discussion about what it’s like to start from no knowledge of programming, and build yourself up to your own app.

The Stalman Podcast is a wide-ranging show, and that’s what makes it so great. I always consider myself lucky when Tyler asks me to sit in and bring a bit of my kind of nerdiness to the show. :)