One of my favorite local activities, every other Saturday, is to go to Cars and Coffee. Recently, our local paper had a nice piece about it:

A stunning new Acura NSX might be followed by a more pedestrian mid-aught Volkswagen Golf GTI or a midcentury representative of American muscle. A made-to-order Ford GT supercar mingles with its ubiquitous cousins – a bevy of Ford Mustang GTs that might be worth only a tenth of the supercar’s list price.

The thread that unites all attendees is pride in their vehicles and a desire to share them with other people who “get it.” Enthusiasts of every background are brought together by the camaraderie of the local car culture.

I’ve often documented my trips to Cars and Coffee on Instagram in the past. I really love taking the family to go check out the cars and just generally enjoy a Saturday morning together.

Perhaps it’s memories of going to Marcus Dairy when I was in high school, or perhaps it’s me trying to share with my kids what my dad shared with me. But one way or the other, Cars and Coffee has been an integral part of my family for years. I’m pleased to see it get some local recognition.