Finding a new podcast is a double-edged sword. I’m already living in a state of near-bankruptcy when it comes to my podcast queue. Adding something new is a decision I don’t take lightly.

Fun Fact is my most recent add, and I did so within the first couple of episodes. It’s a really fun and silly — yet serious — show about little nuggets of information you probably didn’t know.

Never condescending, hosts Arik and Allen bring a couple of little tidbits to the table each episode. The meandering path that these gems take us is most of the fun.

Despite the dubious decision of putting Follow Up (©️ 2011 John Siracusa) at the end, Fun Fact is a great show that I’m glad I found.

On this fortnight’s episode, I stood in for new dad Arik. Allen and I discussed quiet places, odd ways to represent state geography, software asset management, jazz music, and took a trip down 90s memory lane.

I stressed out a lot over choosing good and fun facts to bring to Allen; hopefully I did at least a passable job. 😊