By Casey Liss
Food in Richmond Virginia

I occasionally get asked for recommendations for good food in the Richmond, Virginia area. This is a big ask, because Richmond has a lot of really good food options, which seem to always be changing.

This is my list. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’ll cover Richmond proper, as well as the yuppie-central West End / Short Pump area. I don’t often stray south of the river, so, you’ll have to figure that out yourself.

The below is not a definitive list. There are a zillion restaurants in Richmond that I haven’t tried yet. These are some that I endorse, but there are many many others that are just as good, if not better.

Additionally, I’ll probably quietly update it over time, as I find new places, old ones close, etc. This is going to be a living resource.

  • Breakfast
    • Downtown
      • Early Bird Biscuit Company – Yelp
        Really great and varied biscuits, naturally. The line is long, and they do eventually sell out. Get there as early as you can muster.
      • Millie’s – Yelp
        Perfect hangover food. Basically a mess of eggs and other sundries. I fancy the Castro’s Mess. Very small, so it also falls victim to lines.
    • West End
      • Rise Biscuits and Donuts – Yelp
        Delicious biscuits and donuts. Go figure. Try the hashpuppies.
      • Duck Donuts – Yelp
        An Outer Banks staple, you choose your toppings to make ridiculous concoctions like French Toast, or Maple Bacon. Go nuts.
      • Cupertino’s – Yelp
        This half-Jew from New York approves of these bagels. 'Nuff said. You could also try the chicken salad club if you get there over lunch.
  • Lunch/Dinner
    • Downtown
      • Kuba Kuba – Yelp
        The lines are long and the kitchen is open. If you go, you’ll need to shower and do laundry once you leave. But my word, the food is great.
      • Kitchen 64 – Yelp
        Hilariously large portions, and near-ish some really great museums. If you’re in this area, also check out Maymont Park.
      • Sticky Rice – Yelp
        Inventive sushi. Get the bucket of tots.
      • Citizen Burger Bar – Yelp
        Truly delicious burgers, as artisinal and ridiculous as you’d like them.
      • Maya – Yelp
        Upscale Mexican. Get the queso fundido to start, and you’ll think things cannot possibly get any better. Then get the chipotle bourbon tacos, medium rare, realize you were wrong, and expect to dream about the tacos for the rest of your life.
      • Can Can Brasserie – Yelp
        I’ve never been, but I’ve heard universally phenomenal things about this cute French restaurant.
      • Boathouse at Rocketts Landing – Yelp
        An impeccable location right on the river, with food that’s almost as good as the view. However, you’ll pay for it, quite literally.
      • Legend Brewing Company – Yelp
        The food is okay, but being just off the river, opposite the city, the view is tremendous. Go just before sundown and sit on the deck; you’ll see a killer view of the city and river as the sun sets.
    • West End
      • Kuba Kuba Dos – Yelp
        Like Kuba Kuba above, but without the lines, and without the open kitchen.
      • Two Guys Pizza – Yelp
        The best pizza in town. They sell by the slice, and you need to fold them to eat them. Between Two Guys and Cupertino’s, this former New Yorker can call Richmond home.
      • Hutch – Yelp
        Get the prime rib poutine if it’s available; if it isn’t, ask.
      • Burger Bach – Yelp
        Pronounced “batch”, not “bock”, you can get all sorts of delicious, if expensive, burgers. On the down side, the fries cost extra. On the plus side, you can choose from many different dipping sauces to have with them.
      • Capital Ale House – Yelp
        The food is good but not great. The beer selection, if that’s your kind of thing, is tremendous. They have something like 50 taps and a shedload of bottles.
    • Also Consider
      • Q Barbeque – Yelp
        North of town, my favorite BBQ in Richmond. Get the ribs.