By Casey Liss

I always prefer to receive bad news first, so here goes: there is not a new design this year for ATP shirts.

The good news, however, is copious:

  • The wildly popular //////ATP design returns for another year
  • We have more than just T-shirts this year:
  • The pins are available for purchase right now, and if you act fast, will ship soon.
    • If you want your pin before WWDC, you should absolutely buy now, as quantities are limited for this first run. (We’ll get more once these sell out though)

You can browse all of these products at our store over at Cotton Bureau.

We’ve also got some other interesting and fun things in the works, so keep an eye out for more products in the future.

As always, buying merch benefits the three of us directly, and we deeply appreciate whatever money you’re willing to part with to show your support.

Plus, all apparel comes with a guarantee of a high five from me if I see you wearing it. Which, let’s be honest, is worth the price.