By Casey Liss

Tyler Stalman jumped into my world — seemingly out of nowhere — a while ago when he sent me an incredible set of tips about filmmaking. That 50 second video blew my friggin mind.

Here it was I thought Tyler was some nobody with a good eye, but turns out I could not have been more wrong. Well, he does have a good eye, but Tyler is a prolific photographer, filmmaker, YouTuber, and Instagram whatever-word-I-use-for-influencer-that-doesn’t-sound-stupid. I’ve gotten more and more exposed to Tyler’s work over the year and I’m constantly impressed with all of it.

Plus, he’s a Canadian, so naturally he’s annoyingly impossibly nice.

Anyway, I say all this in part because I’m trying to call attention to things and people that are cool and deserve it. I say it in part because I think you should give Tyler a chance and check out his work.

As with all things, I also say it in part because I have a selfish motive. I was on Tyler’s podcast this week. On this episode, my ATP co-host Marco Arment and I spent some time with Tyler discussing what it’s like trying to break into YouTube in 2018. I really enjoyed the conversation; I think there’s a lot to learn in it, even if YouTube isn’t your bag.

I always learn something whenever I chat with Tyler (or Marco!); I bet you will too.