By Casey Liss

Over the last couple of years, I’ve become more cognizant of the feel of the things I put on the internet. It is way too easy to fire off a snarky tweet, or a hot take, about something that isn’t perfect. I’m trying to stop doing that, and also start calling out things that are great.

Sam and Ross Like Things is one of those great things.

Two friends, Sam and Ross, who happen to be not only fellow Richmonders but also friends of mine, talk about two things that they like every fortnight.

Their one rule: No hedging.

I was lucky enough to be their guest this particular fortnight, and though there are a zillion things I could have spoken about, I had to choose only one:

Cook Out. 🤤

I love this show, and I had a blast doing it. Unlike nearly all of my podcast appearances, I was able to do this in-person. Which was critical, since Sam had never had Cook Out before. 😱

Naturally, I came bearing gifts.

Anyway, S&RLT is a great show, that puts a little bit of happiness in the world, every other week. You should definitely check it out.