By Casey Liss
A Silly Theory

We’ve heard some interesting things over the past few weeks:

Could the next iPhone—particularly a special edition halo like the “iPhone Pro”—have no ports at all?

Most obviously, the headphone jack is already gone. Furthermore, we’ve been programmed that Bluetooth audio is the future. If we add wireless charging, do we really need a lightning port anymore? Especially in a halo phone? We’ve made this sort of thing work with the Apple Watch already[1].

Given that I’m sitting at the beach, I can imagine quite a few ways where one could easy market a phone that has no ports, and as such, is considerably more water resistant.

This surely isn’t an original idea, but the more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense. Especially in the context of a specialty Begin scare quote Pro End scare quote iPhone.

  1. I concede that things like DFU restores will need to be resolved, but here again, we’ve mostly made this work for the Watch.