By Casey Liss

Last week, I spent a couple hours at my company’s monthly hack day doing something I’ve never done before: contributing to open source.

I’ve spoken a lot about RxSwift in the past. Functional reactive programming is my new favorite thing, and I’ve been loving using it—both at work and on a personal project I’m fiddling with. One of the many nice things about RxSwift is that it’s very easy to extend it with new functionality.

During the course of my work, I noticed I wanted to be able to do something that RxSwift didn’t support. The thing I wanted to do was very similar to something that did exist, but not exactly the same. So, I wrote an extension in my codebase. Then it occurred to me, why not contribute this to RxSwift itself? So I did.

That pull request, small as it may be, was accepted! So, I can now honestly say “I’m a [very small] contributor to RxSwift”.

Pretty cool.