By Casey Liss

My mother doesn’t believe in reincarnation. Despite that, she’s long joked that if she were to come back again, she’d want to be some sort of musician. “I just want to know what it feels like to step on stage and have all those people excited to see me. How incredible must that be? How amazing must that feel?”

Back in 2014, I sort of had that opportunity. Last month, I largely realized my mother’s dream. My ATP co-hosts and I recorded an episode in front of almost 1000 fans. Nearly a thousand people, all there to see us. Cheering for us. Singing our theme song to us.

My life is weird, and I’m so thankful for it.

To all of you who listened, thank you! To all of you that showed up, thank you! It was a once in a lifetime experience.

The fine folks at AltConf were nice enough to host us. For John and I, the experience was amazing. We showed up, spoke, and then left. (In retrospect, I missed my opportunity for a truly obnoxious rider.) Poor Marco, however, had to cart a suitcase full of equipment across the country, set it up by himself set it up with Stephen (before Stephen had to run to his own event!), and take it back down all by himself.

As an added bonus, the fine folks at Realm recorded video of the event, and it’s now available! You can see the three of us in all our [likely awkward] glory. Realm did a great job with the video—as they always do—and I’m super thankful they put it all together.

I’m so thankful for both ATP and Analog(ue). I have no idea if they’ll last for another month or another decade. While they’re still a thing—while I’m still a thing—I’m riding this wave. For as long as I can.

UPDATED 3 June 2017 2:00 PM: Marco corrected me and pointed out that my dear friend Stephen Hackett actually helped out quite a bit with setup. My bad. 😔