By Casey Liss
A Magic Moment

For the new year, my family met up with the families of my co-hosts on ATP, our dear friends (and co-host of Under the Radar) the Underscores, and even had a surprise visit from my Analog(ue) co-host Myke and his fiancée Adina. The Underscores were kind enough to host during the day, and we stayed the night at a nearby hotel.

Declan has turned into a [usually] champion sleeper at home, but often has difficulty when we travel. On the night of New Year’s Eve, Erin and I had retreated to our hotel with a very overtired toddler. By around 9:30, we were in bed, trying to co-sleep with Declan, which is something we never do at home.

I happened to wake up at around 11:30, and at that point figured I may as well stay up to see the ball drop. I quietly grabbed my phone, started my Slingbox and tuned it to ABC. When the time came for the ball to drop, I wanted Erin and I to share the moment, but that would be hard without disturbing the sleeping toddler between us.

Luckily, I had a solution.

With about a minute to go, I opened up my AirPods, ensured they were connected to my iPhone, woke Erin up, and handed her one. She popped in the left, me the right, and we were able to share New Year’s together. We did so silently, with Declan sleeping between us, none the wiser.

Traditional wired EarPods would have worked, but it would have been difficult, clunky, and potentially a tickle hazard if we caught Declan’s bare skin with the cord. Thanks to these goofy-looking AirPods, we were able to share the moment, together, silently.

I’ll forget AirPods one day. I won’t forget the opening of 2017. With my little family, all huddled in one hotel room bed, celebrating together, each in our own little way.

Apple often makes decisions I don’t agree with, but when everything comes together—like with the AirPods—the result is amazing. What’s more, these silly little devices, working together with an iPhone, can make for a truly memorable and magical moment.