By Casey Liss

Possibly my favorite feature of my iPhone is Apple’s new Live Photos. Live Photos takes a couple seconds of video before and/or after a still photograph is taken. When you deep press (or on some phones, tap-and-hold) on a photo, it will animate and show a couple seconds of video.

Just a couple seconds of video provides an unbelievable amount of context, and really makes photos come alive. It’s much like the newspapers in the Harry Potter series. I love Live Photos.

In much the same way my friend David Smith released LiveToGIF (iTunes Link) to create GIFs out of Live Photos, Becky Hansmeyer’s new Live Rotate (iTunes Link) utility allows you to rotate Live Photos. With the out of the box Photos app on iOS, you can’t edit a Live Photo—say, to rotate it—without removing the live part.

Becky’s app Live Rotate fixes this. You can quickly and easily rotate Live Photos, and save them as copies in your camera roll.

In much the same way as David’s apps, Live Rotate does one thing and does it well. I immediately bought it; it’s $0.99 on the App Store.