By Casey Liss
Goodness Gracious

Goodness gracious, not many people care
Concern is getting scarcer, true compassion really rare
I can see it on our faces, I can feel it in the air
Goodness gracious me

Goodness gracious, my generation’s lost
They burned down all our bridges
Before we had a chance to cross
Is it the winter of our discontent or just an early frost?

Goodness gracious, of apathy I sing
The baby boomers had it all and wasted everything
Now recess is almost over and they won’t get off the swing

Goodness gracious my grandma used to say
The world’s a scary place now; things were different in her day
What horrors will be commonplace when my hair starts to grey?

Kevin Gilbert, 1966-1996. “Goodness Gracious”.