By Casey Liss

My good friend and prolific iOS app developer _David Smith has released another new app. This one, Activity++, shows you your activity history that your Apple Watch has gathered. Sure, the Activity app does the same, but Activity++ is a vast improvement.

Activity++ screenshot

The app is a long list of your days, from most recent to least recent, stacked vertically. What I really love about the app are the statistics it shows. In the main screen, you can see how long you’ve maintained a run of one of your circles. In the example above, the last three days running I’ve hit all three goals; the last 25 I’ve hit my move goal, the last 3 I’ve hit my exercise goal, and the last 321 I’ve hit my stand goal.

I am the Blue Ring Stud, after all.

Tapping on any of these circles causes this awesome animation to happen:

Activity++ animation

I could watch it all day.

Furthermore, there’s a statistics screen that shows you even more about how you’re doing:

Activity++ stats

Not stopping there, David added one other great feature: “Rest Days”. If you’ve reached your goal for six consecutive days, one missed/rest day will not stop your streak.

Before you claim my Blue Ring Stud status is a farce, I will note that even without rest days, I had a 251-day streak. Damn you, flights back from the west coast.

As a final note, Activity++ also includes a handy Watch complication that makes it super easy to see the current state of your three goals, as a bar graph.

Activity++ makes your health data easy to digest, and your statistics quick to find. I’ve found this is already encouraging me to do anything I can to keep my streaks alive.

David is a dear friend, but I’d recommend Activity++ highly even if he wasn’t.