By Casey Liss

Oklahoma high school teacher Steven Wedel writes an absolutely scathing open letter to local lawmakers and voters. Much of it rings true in other states. As the husband of a teacher, I know this all too well.

…[politicians] keep passing mandates to make us better while taking away all the resources we need just to maintain the status quo. We fear that our second jobs will prevent us from grading the papers or creating the lesson plans we already have to do from home. We fear our families will leave us because we don’t have time for them.

It tears at my heart to know that my best teacher cries over the dilemma she’s facing right now. She loves her job, but she’s afraid she can no longer afford to continue in this profession. It’s something we’re all dealing with. How far will you push us?

Not only do we not pay teachers an appropriate salary, we steadfastly refuse to fund our schools appropriately.