By Casey Liss

In a recent episode (Overcast Link) of Mac Power Users, Katie and David are joined by Todd Olthoff to discuss how to get started with Plex.

I’ve discussed Plex many times in the past. It’s a media manager that has some really awesome features:

  • Automatic metadata discovery such as cover art, cast information, etc.
  • Automatic on the fly transcoding for the device accessing the content
  • Access from anywhere if set up properly (i.e., I can view my Plex library from my iPhone, iPad, Fire TV Stick, or the web from anywhere I have an internet connection)
  • Ability to share libraries with friends and family, so you can easily browse and stream their media.

Nearly a year ago I wrote a primer on how to name files in a way that will best agree with Plex. That covers the most complex portion of setting up Plex, but only one part of it.

Episode 299 of Mac Power Users was a great walkthrough of why one would want to use Plex, how to get it installed, and the perks it provides. If you wanted a more in-depth look at why I love Plex so much, check it out. Katie, David, and Todd cover all the bases.