By Casey Liss
Take Me There

My dear friend _David Smith has made another new app. He is the Energizer Bunny of app developers.

Take Me There
Preparing for WWDC

This new app, Take Me There (iTunes Link), is designed to make it very easy to get you directions to somewhere from where you’re standing right now. Designed for use on Apple Watch, it is in many ways the Fast Text of navigation apps. Take Me There has a ton of great uses — setting up Home as a destination is an obvious one.

I’ve been testing it for the last few weeks, including during a recent trip to Morgantown, West Virginia. Once I arrived in Morgantown, I knew I’d be walking to one of a few different destinations during my time there. As a nervous traveler, I wanted to make walking around an unfamiliar place as easy on myself as I could.

I decided to load the destinations I’d be visiting into Take Me There before I left home. Take Me There makes it really easy to do so using your iPhone.

When I arrived in Morgantown, as I wanted to walk to various destinations, I simply opened Take Me There on my Apple Watch. I was presented with a list of destinations, and selected the one I want. At that point, I’m punted to the Maps app, where I can get either walking or driving directions.

Thanks to the Taptic Engine on Apple Watch, I just need to keep walking until I feel a bunch of pulses, and then I turn as Apple Watch has directed me.

Fast, easy, and only $1. You should definitely check it out.

David has taken things a step further, however. He actually captured a timelapse of him building Take Me There. It’s a fascinating 6.5 minute video, and a really great way to show friends or family what it is you do for a living:

Even if you’re also a developer, I found it fascinating to see how one of my peers works. Plus, since it’s _David, he put quite a bit of care into the video, too. As with Take Me There itself, it’s worth your time.