By Casey Liss

A couple of important changes to Camel, for those that are using it, or are considering doing so:

  • Support for link posts such as this one.
    • Click the hand to follow the link
    • Click the anchor to get a permanent link to this page.
  • Significant cleanup of the post rendering logic, so it’s not… well… insane.

I was pretty embarrassed about how rough the post rendering logic was. It was a mess of seemingly-redundant functions with hard-to-differentiate names. Now, the process is much simpler and thus much easier to follow, extend, or debug.

When I originally wrote Camel, I had really thought about supporting link posts, but I wanted to force myself to have something to say. I didn’t want this to just be a dumping ground for links I find — that’s what Twitter is for. Now that I feel like I’ve established a voice for myself and this website, I went ahead and added support for link posts.

Naturally, all of these changes are on Github, save for the settings to use emoji as the link/anchor indicators. I’m not even sure I’ll stick with those, but I wanted to try something other than ∞ and →.