By Casey Liss

When I first started doing ATP, I wasn’t really prepared for the amount of feedback I’d get. Some of it was funny — who the hell is Casey, anyway? Some of it, though, was really harsh. Some days it feels like everything I say is critiqued or criticized somehow.

It can hurt after a while.

What I have to deal with, though, is not even in the same universe as the hatred that some people face. These people, almost universally women, are ridiculed, ostricised, and even threatened, simply because they are women with opinions.

What Brianna Wu (among many others) has gone through is not only stupefying, but also terrifying. I don’t know how she has the will, the tenacity, and the stamina to continue to fight every day. To continue to fight for something that should already be a given. To continue to fight for her right to be a woman with an opinion.

Take a few minutes out of your day and read her piece at Bustle. It’s well worth your time.