By Casey Liss

This past week, when Myke and I would have recorded Analog(ue), he was in my favorite city on vacation holiday. This is not entirely unusual, and I’ve asked guests such as my friend Stephen Hackett to sit in if Myke has to miss the show.

This week, I had an apostrophe epiphany.

The special guest on this week’s Analog(ue), in her podcasting debut, is Erin Liss. You may also know her as my wife. ☺️

Erin basically did this as a favor to me. She was really nervous about it, and I think I was too. Hopefully it doesn’t show too much in the beginning of the episode. Before too long, I think we both got our groove going, and I’m really proud of how well she did. I, however, am no Myke.

Having been an (almost-) professional podcasters since early 2013, it’s been odd to have something that Erin and I don’t share. Not bad, of course, but odd. This episode of Analog(ue) seemed like the perfect occasion to share the podcasting experience with her.

If you’re anything like my friends, or hell, even my family, you’ll end up liking Erin more than you like me. I wouldn’t blame you if you did. But no matter what, if you’ve ever wondered why I’m a reasonably successful and generally happy guy, it’s because of Erin. To find out more about Erin, check out the episode.

Thank you to Myke for being gracious and enthusiastic about my crazy idea. And thank you so much to Erin for being brave, being open, and being a wonderful guest.

I love you.