By Casey Liss

Kara Reeves on why she just rage-quit teaching:

Then, we started testing. And the testing was even more frequent last year. And now, three months into the school year, I’m certain we have tested more so far than we did all last year combined.

Coming into an election year, standardized testing is becoming somewhat of a trendy discussion. It seems anyone who has been paying any attention knows that the amount of standardized testing we put our children through is beyond egregious.

It was this quote, though, that really stood out to me. I had my wife Erin, a former high school biology teacher, read the article. She commented on this quote as well, saying it’s spot-on.

I recently saw a post where someone described teaching as an abusive relationship. You love it, but it makes you so unhappy. I get that. It does feel that way.

Link via Andrew Mulligan